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(200ml) Essence of Córdoba.

<small>(200ml) </small>Essence of Córdoba.

The orange blossom used is obtained from the bitter orange tree of Southern China, which was introduced into Spain by the Moors in the tenth century. The orange blossom essence is obtained from the flower. Its fragrance is so inspiring that even the great poet Miguel Hernandez dedicated some verses to it. It is extracted through a laborious process requiring a tonne of flowers for just one litre of orange blossom essence. The water resulting from the distillation is called 'orange blossom water' and its aroma reflects the freshness, purity and dynamism of the city of Cordoba.

PRICE: 25€ V.A.T. included


Essence of Cordoba (luxury box: 200 ml + 60 ml).

Essence of Cordoba <small>(luxury box: 200 ml + 60 ml)</small>.

This version has two reusable bottles: a 200 ml one and a 60 ml spray. It comes in an elegant presentation box showing the Roman Bridge, the Mosque and the Chiquita Piconera painting by Julio Romero de Torres, making it the perfect gift to inspire passion from Cordoba.

PRICE: 31€ V.A.T. included