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SPF 15 anti-ageing face cream(50 ml) .

SPF 15 anti-ageing face cream<small>(50 ml) </small>.

The fruit of the vine lends the skin firmness and radiance, providing effective natural nutrients to prevent ageing.
The anti-ageing face cream is an active treatment that immediately comforts the skin and provides lasting results.

PRICE: 35€ V.A.T. included


(15 ml) VIGNE COSMETIQUES eye contour .

<small>(15 ml) </small> VIGNE COSMETIQUES eye contour .

VIGNE COSMETIQUES’ eye contour has highly effective antioxidant properties due to the polyphenols from the Pedro Ximenez grape. This gel makes the skin more radiant and, thanks to its decongestant properties, it acts on fine wrinkles and signs of fatigue. It is a gel recommended for all skin types, especially mature and worn out types.

VIGNE COSMETIQUES’ eye contour gel helps bring out the richness in facial skin.

PRICE: 28€ V.A.T. included